Sunday, April 12, 2015

Upcoming for 2015!

Just thought I'd announce a slew of upcoming events and news happening in the next few months: 

I had a lot of fun this past month and half speaking to kids about The Red Bicycle and what it's like to be an illustrator at the Sun Gallery's children's book exhibition educational student field trips.  I also have new work is in progress for their Troubled Water's exhibit later in April, an exhibition about the condition of Califorina's drought.

You can find me signing books at the ALA (American Library Association) conference and exhibition in San Francisco for Papa Gave Me a Stick (Starbright Books) this June!

More great reviews out for The Red Bicycle from Booklist and The Horn Book, as well as a great trailer for The Red Bicycle that you can view

This week I'll be speaking to a careers class at Chabot College about being an illustrator, and some tres exciting new happenings will be in progress very soon -in the children's books realm- (though don't think I've dropped completely off the planet in regards to editorial work)...

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