Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Illustrations for Ensign Magazine

Always enjoy working with Ensign Magazine. 5 illustrations for an article about honesty

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Veggie Times

Did this recently for a Vegetarian Times Magazine article about
forest bathing and all it's benefits, thanks to AD Scott Hyers!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Real Simple and Bully Series

Excited to post that the Bully series I illustrated for Capstone Publishing has come out! A 4 book series on the kid sensitive subject of bullying by various authors.  An important read for teachers and their students as well as parents and their children.

Also illustrated for an article for Real Simple Magazine about parenting, discipline and kids.
Thanks to AD Alexa Speyer!

Teasing Isn't Funny, Sometimes Jokes Aren't Funny, Insults Aren't Funny,
Pushing Isn't Funny

Real Simple Magazine, for an article on parenting and dicipline

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rethinking Schools and Feathered

Here are some recent works - a very relevant cover and full page illustration for Rethinking Schools Magazine - article about preschoolers discussing the different types of love and marriage...and a YA book cover for Kids Can Press - "Feathered" by Deborah Kerbel.
Both out now-- Thanks to ADs Nancy Zucker (Rethinking Schools) and Marie Bartholomew (Kids Can Press)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

NYTimes Book Review 4 Red Bicycle!

Papa Gave Me a Stick has finally come out! Illustrated this kids book for Starbright Books (written by Janice Levy), excited to finally be able to read it!  I'm also showing artwork at the Sun Gallery's Troubled Waters exhibit, until end of May.  Just finished a 1/2 page illustration in the upcoming Liahona Magazine about running the race of "life"- issue will be out soon! 

Also, excited to announce we got a great little review for The Red Bicycle, in the NY Times Book Review! Check it out here:

Happy Mother's day to all:)

Papa Gave Me a Stick, Starbright Books

Liahona Magazine

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Upcoming for 2015!

Just thought I'd announce a slew of upcoming events and news happening in the next few months: 

I had a lot of fun this past month and half speaking to kids about The Red Bicycle and what it's like to be an illustrator at the Sun Gallery's children's book exhibition educational student field trips.  I also have new work is in progress for their Troubled Water's exhibit later in April, an exhibition about the condition of Califorina's drought.

You can find me signing books at the ALA (American Library Association) conference and exhibition in San Francisco for Papa Gave Me a Stick (Starbright Books) this June!

More great reviews out for The Red Bicycle from Booklist and The Horn Book, as well as a great trailer for The Red Bicycle that you can view

This week I'll be speaking to a careers class at Chabot College about being an illustrator, and some tres exciting new happenings will be in progress very soon -in the children's books realm- (though don't think I've dropped completely off the planet in regards to editorial work)...

Saturday, February 7, 2015

SOi57 show and Children's Book Illustrator's Exhibit

Came back from a wintery trip to NY to see the Society of Illustrators 57 annual exhibit, hitting CT and staying in MA the whole time. In awe of all of the artwork that night... I am reminded of how big, diverse, and amazballs the universe truley is. Here are my pieces below:

And if you're in the SF bay area, you can currently view some of my illustrations from The Red Bicycle at the Sun Gallery's 26th Annual Children's Book Illustrator Exhibit (showing between Feb 26th and April 11th). Hooray for kidlit!